Your Real Estate Lawyer

For most people their home represents their largest single investment. The process of selling or buying a home has become very complex. Your future depends on competent and experienced professional assistance in this process.

We have assisted hundreds upon hundreds of clients in this important activity. As your attorney, we will provide assistance and counsel on many issues. The following are some of the services we will provide as your real estate lawyers

  • Review the listing agreement
  • Prepare, revise, explain and/or negotiate the contract
  • Discuss timing issues
  • Explain contract contingencies
  • Negotiate repair issues
  • Order and review title insurance
  • Order and review the plat of survey
  • Prepare transfer documents
  • Work with the title company to calculate prorations and other closing figures
  • Prepare closing statements
  • Arrange and attend the closing
  • Post closing follow up

The contract contents, typical closing costs and disclosure requirements are covered on our website.
The expense of an experienced Real Estate Lawyer is minimal compared to the investment you are making. Secure your future, call us now.